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Where it Began

The year is 2020. I was preparing for a trip on the Appalachian trail with the scouts. To make my pack lighter (partially because I was also bringing 5lbs of camera gear), I decided to hammock camp. I had everything I needed, except a tarp. The problem was that it was either get a tarp that's light, but has no coverage, or get one that has adequate coverage but is very heavy or expensive. After looking for gear for days and not finding anything that was quite what I wanted, I wondered how hard it would be to make it myself. After weeks of research, fabric samples, and material selection I finally settled on a signal orange silnylon tarp that was ~ 120in x 144in. It took about a week to finalize the design, choose thread, material for the tie-out loops, seam sealant, and sew it all together. Once finished I of course tested it out with the hose and it seemed to work great, but only time would tell how it would preform on the trail. With all of our gear, and very excited, we set out for a week on the trail in the summer of 2021.

Giving Back

Wildly waterproof, Undeniably durable

          We get on the trail around 6pm. We were planning on a short hike to the first campsite on trail, which was about a mile away from where we parked. The hike was pretty easy, but as soon as we arrive at camp, it started POURING. It was raining so hard we could barely see in front of us. Springer mountain shelter was supposedly nearby, but we couldn't see it. The second it started raining we all dropped our packs to get our rain gear, and I grabbed the tarp and started setting it up as fast as possible. It was make or break time, and we were rushing to stake it in. We stood under it for about an hour while we waited for the rain to let up, and throughout that time it stayed strong and remained completely dry on the underside.

          After the trip I returned, excited to let every know how well it did. After this it remained something that was always in my pack even when tent camping. For almost 3 years it has held up to just about everything I could possibly throw at it, from hurricane strength winds, to rain so strong everyone else's tents had inches of standing water in the bottom. In our troop it has almost legendary status, being referred to as "The Orange Tarp".

          After seeing how well it has preformed time and time again, I had a few of my friends ask if I would sell them, at first I declined, but after making a few more things (Like hammocks, hammock straps, and soft shackles) I decided to give it a try. That's what brought us to today, where we sell all sorts of gear, all guaranteed to perform to its best and uphold our reputation of quality, durability, and longevity.

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