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  • Will you ship to my location?
    We ship to all 50 States in the US.
  • How will repairs look on my item?
    Of course nobody wants their gear to look terrible after being repaired. Our goal is to make the repair blend in as seamlessly as possible. If needed we will try to match the color as closely as possible. On something like a silnylon tarp, we will do a stitch-less patch, by chemically bonding pieces of the same material (and as close a color match as possible) to both sides of the damage. For something like a bag or pack, we may sew on a patch, or replace the panel of fabric. The method used for repair may vary based on the extent of the damage, type of fabric, location on product, and other things. Although how we do it may vary, we will always email you with our plan for repair after receiving and inspecting the item, and wait for your approval before beginning any work.
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