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Note: The lead time on this product (time from recievinig materials to shipping the product) is ~2 weeks. It usually takes a few business days to recieve the materials and for you to recieve it after we ship. If you need something sooner than this, don't hesitate to contact us, we may have something in stock or be able to rush your order!


The tarp that started it all. Made from silicone impregnated ripstop nylon, it's sure to keep you dry for years to come (while not breaking you back on the way!). Although the best color is obviously the original orange, we now offer it in many new colors (including hot pink!). This tarp is also bigger (and lighter!) than many others on the market. The main reason I made it is that I wanted a lightweight tarp for hammock camping, while not sacrificing coverage or durability, and it fits that description very well! 


The Carbon 12 tarp ships with triple reinforced tie-out points, and a sealed ridgeline seam. Tie-outs included are one on each corner, and one on each side of the ridgeline. If you need additional tie outs, please message us and we can tailor it to whatever you need! (~$5 per additional tie-out, depending on location).


Note: The bag color will match the color of the tarp. The color of the bag in the photo is dark green.

Carbon 12 Tarp

Weight 1.1 Lbs (500g)
Length 144in (3.66m)
Width 114in (2.89m)


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