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Note: The lead time on this product (time from recievinig materials to shipping the product) is ~3 days. It usually takes a few business days to recieve the materials and for you to recieve the item after we ship. If you need something sooner than this, don't hesitate to contact us, we may have something in stock or be able to rush your order!


These reversible cordage bracelets are sure to be useful (and stylish!). Unlike normal Paracord bracelets, these are made out of 2.8mm Amsteel Dyneema, the same cord used in the loops on our hammocks, our soft shackles, and the whoopie slings on our hammock straps. When unraveled, each bracelet contains about 10ft of cord. Instead of knotting or fusing the two colors together, we splice them, allowing the cordage to retain as much stregnth as possible. With a MBS of 1600lbs* this cord allows us to make the strongest rope bracelets currently on the market. 


*Note that the stregnth of Dyneema decreases when knotted, which makes the expected breaking stregnth of the cord when knotted around 640lbs. We reccomend using a double figure eight knot for creating loops.


If you would like a bracelet that is just one color, select the same color for Color 1 and 2. Bracelets of just one color will be one continous cord, and will not have a splice in the middle.

Dyneema Bracelet

Color 2
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