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Note: The lead time on this product (time from recievinig materials to shipping the product) is ~3 days. It usually takes a few business days to recieve the materials and for you to recieve it after we ship. If you need something sooner than this, don't hesitate to contact us, we may have something in stock or be able to rush your order!


When you look for hammock straps, you usually have 2 options: Long and heavy, or short and light. Well, after carrying camping gear hundreds of miles, I definitely appreciate the lighter-weight gear, but what I don't appreciate is having to jerry-rig my hammock straps with some rope or something to get them to reach when the trees are a little farther apart. That's why I made these straps. With a maximum length of 12ft per strap, I havent yet found a campsite where these are too short, and with a weight of just 2.6 oz you'll barely notice them in your pack!

Tritium Hammock Straps

Sling Color
Stitching Color
Weight 2.6oz (72.3g)

Min Legnth

(Per strap)

7ft 5in

Max Legnth

(Per Strap)


Weight Limit

(Using Both straps)

400 lbs (181.4Kg)


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