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Product Naming

Does our product naming seem odd and random? Well it's not! Ok, maybe it is slightly , but we have good reasons. Scroll down to see the inspiration for our creative product names!

Carbon 12 Tarp

Why Carbon 12? Well we have a few reasons:

1st: Carbon is arguably the most useful element in chemistry, and in life overall. It's so useful in fact, that the study of carbon containing molecules is called "Organic Chemistry". Just like Carbon, the Carbon 12 Tarp is extremely durable and versatile, well suited for all your outdoor adventures (but specifically for camping, please do not try to use the Carbon 12 Tarp as a replacement for Carbon 12 in chemistry. Attempts to create life from our camping gear is NOT covered under warranty).


2nd: Carbon 12 is a stable isotope of Carbon. Big chemistry words, I know, but what this really means is that this "flavor" of carbon (with 6 neutrons and 6 protons) is very resistant to breaking down (doesn't radioactively decay). This fits well with the tarp because the Silnylon material we used is highly resistant to degradation over time (along with being very mildew resistant!), as opposed to pure polyurethane coatings that degrade significantly over time through a process known as hydrolysis.

3rd: Carbon is a key ingredient in most silicone formulations. If you are interested, you can read more about the amazing chemistry of silicone on the Wikipedia page for silicone.

Carbon 12 Icon.png

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